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Tattoo Removal Perth

Are you regretting the artwork on your body? Ocean Cosmetics can help you erase that mistake.

Our Q-switch laser works by delivering light, in billionths of a second, at very high energy. The tattoo ink absorbs the light, shattering it into small enough particles for the body to absorb and remove through its natural filtering process.

The Q-switch laser technology has three different wavelengths that can effectively target all tattoo colours during tattoo removal. The laser pulses high-power beams with such precision that thermal interaction with tissues is avoided. This means it solely affects the pigments in the tattoo ink and causes only minor internal harm to surrounding tissue. This has the added advantage of making the healing process simpler and faster. This process successfully removes tattoos, so if you want to erase some body art, contact us at our Perth clinic for more information.

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Cost of tattoo removal in Perth

The majority of tattoos cannot be entirely erased in a single session. For complete removal, it can take up to 12 sessions. The depth of the tattoo, the types and colours of the ink used, the skin being treated, and the kind of laser used to remove it will all determine how many sessions you will need.

A larger tattoo with black ink can be easier to remove than a smaller one with multiple colours. This is because tattoos with various ink colours frequently necessitate many treatment sessions using lasers with numerous wavelengths, making their removal more challenging—the easiest colours to get rid of include black, brown, dark blue, and darker green. However, tattoos containing yellow or purple ink are complicated to remove and may require several sessions to fade significantly.

Laser tattoo removal benefits at a glance

  • Dissolves ink of all different colours, including the deepest and darkest inks
  • Lessen the appearance of your unwanted or unsightly tattoo
  • Effective and relatively pain-free
  • Downtime is minimal
  • Safest tattoo removal method

Prepping for your treatment

Before your Q-switch laser tattoo removal session, you will be given the following pre-treatment instructions:

  • Come to your appointment with completely clean skin, free of lotions, oils, creams, and scents. We advise shaving the region before treatment if there is an excessive amount of hair there.
  • Stay out of the sun for four weeks before treatment, and refrain from using UV tanning beds.
  • Two weeks before the treatment, stop using self-tanning skincare products, and any remaining self-tanner must be scrubbed off before the treatment.
  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher daily.
  • For three days before treatment, avoid using topical products that promote photosensitivity in the treatment areas, such as hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, and retinol.
  • Use a gentle cleanser and lotion on the treatment areas.

“We have achieved excellent results with our laser tattoo removal. We understand that it each case is unique and will pose its own challenges but if you have a piece of body-art you would like removed, we can help you.”

– Dr Gina Messiha Cosmetic Doctor MB BS FRACGP

Aftercare and recovery

Immediately following laser tattoo removal, you will observe a white frosting where the laser made contact with the ink. The frosting is more noticeable with black ink and less or none with coloured ink. At the treatment location, there may be redness and swelling, which could remain for up to two hours or more. Pinpoint bleeding is also possible.

Small blisters in the treatment area are not uncommon throughout the healing phase and indicate that the body is delivering lymphatic fluids to the area. Most coloured tattoos will blister more due to the coloured ink’s potential to cause an allergic reaction once undergoing treatment.

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Unfortunately, some patients are more prone to blisters than others. The desired outcome is only utilising enough energy to fracture the ink before the region blisters. The blister should not be popped as the lymphatic fluid is causing your skin’s epidermis to enlarge and sealing off your tissue to prevent infection.

To ensure proper healing, you will be given aftercare instructions, including:

  • Keep the treated area clean and dry for the next two weeks.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing during recovery in that area.
  • Do not expose the treated area to direct sunlight and wear a high SPF sunscreen, as sun exposure to the area can cause hyperpigmentation.
  • Do not pick at any scabs or blisters that form.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours after the treatment.
  • Apply wound healing balm to the treated area several times daily to keep the site moist and protected against infection.
  • Applying a cold compress to the treatment area during the first 24 hours can help to heal.

How to choose the best tattoo removal clinic in Perth

Examine the types of skin specialists who work there and are familiar with tattoo removal when choosing the ideal skincare clinic for your tattoo removal. To guarantee that you receive the finest care for your skin, our dermal therapists collaborate closely with doctors and professional clinicians at Ocean Cosmetics, who are certified in tattoo laser removal procedures. Before scheduling your first treatment, you must make a consultation appointment at our Perth clinic. This gives you a chance to understand if it is the right choice for you and learn about the credentials and training of our staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does tattoo removal hurt?

With laser tattoo removal, there is discomfort. An anaesthetic cream can assist in relieving pain. The good news is that treatment sessions are relatively brief, depending on the size of the tattoo. An average-sized tattoo is roughly the size of a postcard and can be treated in 10 to 15 minutes.

Does tattoo removal leave a scar?

Scarring happens when the tissue is traumatised to the extent where healing is inconsistent and rigid collagen accumulates on the skin’s surface or beneath the skin. This may result from infection or overly harsh tissue treatment, which can damage the epidermis and dermis. Maintaining skin integrity when removing the ink is vital for successful tattoo removal.

This is why choosing a clinic with qualified doctors and clinicians trained in laser tattoo removal with the Q-switch laser is essential. To ensure scarring is minimised, patients need to follow their aftercare instructions.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

Every tattoo reacts to laser treatment differently due to several factors, such as:

  • Natural skin tone colour
  • How old the tattoo is
  • Colour and depth of the ink
  • Size and density of the ink particles
  • A patient’s immune system

Predicting the number of treatments required for any tattoo is an educated guess, as it is hard to predict how a tattoo will react. During your consultation, we will estimate how many tattoo removal sessions will likely be required to remove your tattoo. Most black ink tattoos require 10 to 15 sessions spaced out over a few months.

Can I remove just a portion of a tattoo?

Yes, the Q-switch laser is highly precise and accurate, removing just the unwanted parts of any tattoo.

I have cosmetic tattoos (lip liner, eyeliner, eyebrows, etc.). Can these tattoos be removed?

Yes, cosmetic tattoos are commonly removed by laser treatment, and any tattoo can be removed. There is some risk associated with its removal, as some cosmetic inks can have metallic bases and turn black when the laser breaks them down. Correcting this can take several treatments; therefore, a spot test is always done first.

Can I lighten a tattoo and have another one inked on top?

Yes, depending on the colour and size of the tattoo, a few treatment sessions are recommended to lighten the ink before a cover-up tattoo can be done on top.

Can I have a tattoo removed shortly after receiving it?

Patients need to wait at least six weeks after getting a tattoo before beginning the removal process.

Can any colour be removed?

Different colours of ink settle at various depths in the skin. Black ink sinks deepest in the skin, blue/green colours settle in the middle, and red/orange colours settle closer to the skin’s surface. Different wavelengths are required to effectively target each colour and its depth beneath the skin to treat various ink colours adequately.

The most effective laser wavelength for dark pigment (black, dark blues, etc.) is 1064nm. The optimal laser wavelength for targeting the challenging blue and green colours is 694nm, while the sole wavelength for targeting red ink is 532nm.

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