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Which Eye Rejuvenation Treatment is Right For You?

Which Eye Rejuvenation Treatment is Right For You?

As we all know too well, ageing is a part of life.  As our collagen levels start to decrease, our skin’s firmness and plumpness also start to decrease. The eyes are often the first area to show signs of lines, wrinkles and hollowness due to their delicate skin.

So, how do you treat ageing eyes? While many practitioners might immediately recommend injectables, at Ocean Cosmetics, we take a different approach to eye rejuvenation. Dr Gina emphasises a focus on personalising the experience to give her patients the best results.

The eyes are the window to the soul, a conveyor of emotions. They make us unique and individual but what is the solution when they start to look tired and dull?

We often see patients that are unhappy with looking tired for long periods of time with dark circles and bags under their eyes, wrinkles, crepe paper thinning skin, or sagging hooded eyes. Other factors that contribute to looking tired and dark circles are excessive pigmentation, spots of discolouration, thin or translucent eyelids showing blood vessels and tear trough depression, only deepening with age. A common question we receive is how to correct this everlasting look of tiredness and reduce the ‘hollowed’ look.

With the increase in demand for eye rejuvenation, we’ve seen an improvement in non-invasive technology. More non-surgical options are available than ever before. These are some of the approaches that we use at Ocean Cosmetics when creating a rejuvenation plan. During a consultation, we go through the available options to suit your personal circumstances to work towards the look you want to achieve.


1. Wrinkle Relaxers work to reduce, not eliminate eye wrinkles. They can be used to open the eyes and reposition the eyebrow.

2. Dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid) can be an effective treatment for a tear trough hollowness. When using dermal fillers to treat a tear trough, we look beyond the eye itself and first support the areas around temples, cheeks, and cheekbone region. We have seen success in using this approach. In certain cases, we don’t even need to use dermal filler in the actual tear trough itself.

3. Platelet-rich plasma and Mesotherapy (PRP) are popular treatment options too. PRP uses the patient’s blood platelets to generate new cells. The platelet concentration is up to five times higher than the plasma concentration and once activated, they secrete at least seven protein growth factors. PRP can promote wound healing and increase collagen bundle thickness, helping to improve lower lid fine lines and increase skin thickness. This is especially important for patients with thin crepey skin. We usually recommend three treatments four weeks apart with monthly maintenance treatments.

Energy-Based Treatments

1. Non-ablative Radio Frequency (RF) is fast becoming one of the most popular non-invasive procedures for skin tightening and improving skin laxity. RF-based devices heat the dermis through the application of electromagnetic current. It causes skin tightening by collagen breakdown, followed by wound remodelling. Essentially damaging the skin to kick-start the repair process.

At Ocean Cosmetics, we use 3DEEP® technology (EndyMed iFine) for lower lid tightening and eyebrow lifting. Weekly treatments are required for a minimum of six weeks, then recommended every three to six months for maintenance treatments.

2. Sublative Radio Frequency is effective for both light and darker skin tones. We use EndyMed Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR) for tightening the eye area, treating hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and scars. This technology has six independent radio frequency sensors that generate pulses of RF energy, pushing heat to the deeper layers of the skin. This allows for the removal of the top layers of skin (epidermal micro-ablation) and resurfacing.

It leads to an improvement in skin texture, reduction of fine lines, and pigmentation. The downtime is minimal compared to ablative and non-ablative fractional laser.

3. Plamere Pen is a new method and uses plasma energy to create a thermal effect on the skin. The Plasma is generated through the tip of the device in the form of an ultra-gas-like matter. The energy created is transferred to the skin tissue causing tissue sublimation (the tissue transfers directly from solid to a gaseous state).

4. Fractional non-ablative lasers like fractional erbium and Co2 have always played a role in eyelid rejuvenation with great results. However, the downtime, the risk of hyper and hypopigmentation and the need for eye protection and occasional sedation, makes this the least popular options in our practice.

Eye rejuvenation is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, as each client may have a variety of concerns. This means that thorough assessments are crucial for a tailored approach of each patient. There are so many different non-invasive injectable and energy-based treatments available at the moment, it’s just a matter of finding the right fit for you.

Written by Dr Gina Messiha.
Dr Gina is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner and a member of Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia.
She’s been practicing cosmetic medicine since 2007. In 2010, Dr Gina opened Ocean Cosmetics, a leading Perth boutique cosmetic clinic, where she is the co-director and co-founder. Since 2015, she has also been a co-director of Perth Skin & Laser.

Dr Gina has been training for Galderma since 2016 and is the WA Sculptra and advanced fillers trainer. Her passion is a holistic, natural approach to anti-ageing and challenging skin conditions. She believes in using a combination of cosmeceuticals and energy-based devices with injectables to get the best results for her patients.

This article has been adapted from the ‘Non-Surgical Periorbital Rejuvenation’ article was featured in the Spa + Clinic Magazine.

Gina Messiha

Dr. Gina Messiha (Cosmetic Doctor) MB BS FRACGP is the Co- Principal and Director of Ocean Village Medical Centre and Ocean Cosmetics. Dr Gina has a special interest in women's health, anti-ageing and injectables.