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We invite you to experience an Ocean Cosmetics facial treatment.

As relaxing, luxurious and effective treatments, our facials can address various skin concerns, achieving visible skin health rejuvenation. Each treatment is uniquely formulated to provide personalised solutions for every client.

At our Perth clinic, one of our highly trained, experienced skincare therapists will provide an in-depth skin analysis before advising you on which facial best suits your needs.

Book a no-obligation consultation with our therapists to discover which of our relaxing and skin-invigorating facials is the best option for you.

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Facial treatments: What to expect

Whether you want to treat specific skin concerns or desire a luxurious, pampering experience, facials can create glowing and healthy skin while providing a relaxing self-care session.

The right facial for you can be chosen during your consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable therapists. Generally, each facial appointment will involve a detailed analysis of your skin, followed by a deep cleansing, exfoliation, mask and pressure point massage transporting you to a profoundly relaxed frame of mind. Finally, your therapist will prescribe the ideal home regime best suited for your specific needs.

Facial benefits at a glance

  • Boosts collagen production
  • Exfoliates and refreshes
  • Reduces oiliness and breakouts
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Smooth, refined skin
  • Hydrates and refreshes
  • Boosts production of collagen and elastin

What is involved with getting a facial?

Facials are a luxurious experience, allowing you to relax and take a moment for yourself. You and your skin will feel pampered, relaxed and refreshed.

Most facials with Ocean Cosmetics will often include a good exfoliation and face, neck and shoulder massage combined with a hydrating mask. Additionally, you may be treated to a light chemical peel. Depending on the condition of your skin, we can customise our facials to include Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and LED light rejuvenation to encourage specific results.

Our most popular facial is the Rationale Signature Epinova Facial – the ultimate facial pampering experience!

The Rationale Signature Epinova Facial involves a micro-circulatory massage to re-energise and stimulate the skin. LED light therapy and ultrasonic technology encourage deep skin healing and rejuvenation, achieving calmer, clearer skin and creating a radiant glow.

Our other facial treatment option is the Signature Luxury Tightening Facial, designed to improve skin laxity and the appearance of skin ageing. The facial can create a youthful, smooth glow.

“Ocean Cosmetics has a range of facial treatments available to help give your skin an immediate boost. Thorough cleansing strips away all the dead skin cells and encourages your skin to boost cell regeneration. Also, they are very relaxing! They make a perfect gift for anyone needing a little downtime.”

– Dr Gina Messiha Cosmetic Doctor MB BS FRACGP

Costs of facials at Ocean Cosmetics in Perth

The price of your facial treatment will depend on the facial, your treatment areas and the number of treatment sessions you may need. The facial option that is the most suitable for your skin can be decided upon during your consultation. This is a requirement before any customised, deep sea or Cosmelan peels. The costs of a cosmetic consultation will vary depending on the experience level of the team member, but for facials, consulting with a therapist is a good option.

Cosmetic consultation:

  • With a therapist: $50
  • With a doctor: $150
  • With a nurse: $95

Facials price list

  • Rationale Signature Epinova Facial: $280
  • Signature Luxury Tightening Facial: $350

Caring for your skin after a facial

After your facial, you may experience mild redness or peeling if your treatment includes a chemical peel. This will subside within a few days after your session.

The aftercare steps you will need to follow after facials depend on the facial treatment you received. Your expert skincare therapist will advise you on the best aftercare following your treatment.

Generally, you should avoid using strong, activated products and exfoliating too soon after an exfoliating facial or chemical peel. Ensure you apply sunscreen to protect your newly exfoliated skin. Some peels may require you to avoid excessive heat exposure, sun exposure and strenuous exercise afterwards to prevent irritation.

To support skin healing and enhance the results of your facial, your therapist can give you at-home skincare tips and recommend ideal products to use after your appointment.

How to choose the best clinic for facials in Perth

Facials may seem like a simple and easy treatment to perform, but they need the right skill set to be as effective as possible. To find an ideal clinic for a rejuvenating facial, you will want to find a place with an experienced team who knows how to deliver exceptional treatments in a supportive environment and achieves the best results.

Figure Facials 3 Facials - 1

Ocean Cosmetics in Perth

Our supportive, empowering clinic is the place to go for relaxing facials to treat yourself. With experienced and qualified therapists, you will be in good hands as you enjoy your well-deserved session of self-care.

Get in touch with us today to book your appointment.

Risks of facial treatments

Generally, facial treatments are quite gentle and nourishing for the skin, providing many benefits and very few risks. However, any cosmetic treatment can still be associated with the potential to cause side effects on the skin.

After exfoliating facials, it is possible to experience some mild redness for a few days. If you have a chemical peel treatment, you may notice a small amount of skin peeling or flaking, which is an expected side effect and a normal part of the treatment process.

If a client’s skin is particularly sensitive, prone to rashes, or has active skin infections, the client may not be suitable for treatment as the chance of aggravating the skin is higher. Those with certain skin conditions may not be suitable for particular types of facials.

To prevent irritating or harming the skin, your therapist will advise you on how to prep your skin for the particular type of facial you will receive and how to care for your skin afterwards. At Ocean Cosmetics, our experienced therapists will aim to create outstanding results while minimising the chance of complications.

If having a Cosmelan peel, the side effects and downtime will be considerably different. Prior consultation is required to discuss expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to see the results after the treatment?

Your skin will immediately look and feel more refreshed. Long-term results can be seen after three to six facials. Consistent treatments are essential to gain an improvement in skin quality and appearance. You may find that chemical peels will be a significant factor in this process.

Is there any downtime?

You will not need any downtime with facials. If you are getting a chemical peel, you may need to avoid wearing makeup for a few hours after your treatment.

Will any of the facials irritate you?

Our facials should be rejuvenating and nourishing for suitable clients, providing a relaxing and luxurious experience. Specific facials, such as exfoliating facials and chemical peels, can cause temporary redness or mild skin sensitivity after treatment. Still, these are typical experiences and should subside quickly after your appointment.

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