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Ocean Cosmetics are passionate about good skin.

Our luxurious clinic is located north of Perth in Wembley Downs, and offers a wide range of skin and body solutions. Our treatments range from relaxation and beauty treatments, through to laser technologies and other non-invasive aesthetic and skin preservation therapies.

While offering a wide range of treatments to suit all skin types, it’s essential for us to refine your skin routine to suit you personally. Your very first treatment with us will include a free consultation where our therapist will go through your concerns and create a treatment plan for you.

At Ocean Cosmetics, we are committed to training our staff with the latest skincare technology, meaning you will always receive the most updated treatments and techniques at our clinic. Training ensures that we can create the best experience for you! We have even brought some of the most advanced skin resurfacing treatments to Perth, including the new Vivace Experience. Have you tried it yet?

Our team consists of qualified cosmetic doctors, cosmetic nurses and beauty therapists. We would love to work with you and your skin to design a rejuvenation program to suit your individual lifestyle and health objectives. Healthy skin is in!

Led by Dr Gina and Dr Jess, our experienced team are all about enhancing natural beauty and strive to avoid the ‘overdone’ look. We always encourage you to love the skin you’re in and we’re here to help make your skin work for you!

Why Ocean Cosmetics?

We are passionate about good, healthy skin.

At Ocean Cosmetics, we offer a wide range of treatment options, we work with you to cater to your individual skin type and conditions.

Our cosmetic doctors, nurses and beauty therapists are kind and caring, always working in the interest of our clients to achieve the best results.

We work hard to provide the latest treatments in skincare. Our staff consistently attend educational and training courses.

We love taking the time to get to know you! By getting to know your skin needs and concerns, we can create a skincare program best suited for you.