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Ocean Cosmetics are passionate about good skin. Welcome to Ocean Cosmetics. A boutique cosmetic and aesthetic hub in both Cottesloe and Wembley Downs, Perth. Founded by Dr Gina and Dr Jessica.

Welcome to Ocean Cosmetics. A boutique cosmetic and aesthetic hub in both Cottesloe and Wembley Downs, Perth. Founded by Dr Gina and Dr Jessica, we’ve spent years searching the world, staying on the forefront of technology and techniques, to bring you the very best in innovative cosmetic treatments.

Why have we done this? Not only because we love new tech, but because it’s our mission to create a welcoming space where we listen to our clients’ needs and use our experience and superior knowledge and technology to provide them with results that build their confidence.

Our team consists of qualified cosmetic doctors, cosmetic nurses and therapists. We would love to work with you and your skin to design a rejuvenation program to suit your individual lifestyle and health objectives.

Our expansive treatment range enables us to fit the perfect treatment to you, rather than the other way around. Whether you’re wanting to treat pigmentation, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, urinary incontinence or you just want an overall refresh, we’ll tailor a treatment plan to you.

We’re a doctor led, client focused clinic dedicated to providing you with natural results so you can love the skin you’re in.


Dr Gina Messiha & Dr Jessica Wang founded Ocean Cosmetics in 2007 with a vision to be leaders in the cosmetic space. Fast forward to now, they have one of the largest range of treatment technologies in Perth and are proud to have bought six exclusive treatments to WA.
Throughout this, they’ve always maintained their focus on providing a superior treatment experience for clients by creating a judgement free zone and taking the time to listen to what each client wants.

Why Ocean Cosmetics?

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We are passionate about good, healthy skin.

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At Ocean Cosmetics, we offer a wide range of treatment options, we work with you to cater to your individual skin type and conditions.

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Our cosmetic doctors, nurses and beauty therapists are kind and caring, always working in the interest of our clients to achieve the best results.

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We work hard to provide the latest treatments in skincare. Our staff consistently attend educational and training courses.

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We love taking the time to get to know you! By getting to know your skin needs and concerns, we can create a skincare program best suited for you.


We’ve spent years curating some of the best cosmetic and aesthetic technology in the world, to offer you the very best range of treatments. As a results driven clinic, it’s important to have a smorgasbord of treatments available to be able to create a tailored treatment plan that works for you. We also invest hours into team training through workshops, conferences and in person training to ensure our skills and knowledge are always up to date.


Our team is made up of passionate cosmetic doctors, cosmetic nurses, dermal therapists and skin therapists, all with one common goal. To give you the very best experience and results.