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Wrinkle relaxers Perth | Botox Perth | Ocean Cosmetics

Wrinkle Relaxers from $4 per unit

We have a variety of wrinkle relaxers that are designed to reduce and even prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Consult with one of our Cosmetic Nurses “D” $4 per unit Has the desired effect on a slightly larger area than other types of wrinkle relaxers,...

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The Ultimate Body Package $2,800 (10 treatments)

We have combined all our favourite Body Hub treatments to create the Ultimate Body Package. Includes; 4x Emtone treatments (one area) 4x Emsculpt treatments (one area) 2x Body tightening treatments (one area)   Combining different modalities will enhance your results, visibly changing your body in the areas you...

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Mesotherapy $660 (six treatments)

Get your glow on with our new mesotherapy packages! Mesotherapy combines a cocktail of vitamins, enzymes, minerals and peptides based on the skin concerns you want to treat, and is administered with superficial needling to allow ultimate absorption. Whether you’re looking to tighten and brighten, hydrate, reduce...

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Skin Needling Full Face $850 (three treatments)

Micro skin needling is a non-surgical cosmetic solution that stimulates collagen production, softens the appearance of scars and improves the texture of your skin. Using 12 small needles, the dermapen hand piece creates small micro wounds, which encourages the skin's healing process to kick in, resulting...

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endymed skin tightening

Body Skin Tightening $880 (six treatments)

Changes in weight, especially after you've had a baby or lost weight, can leave the skin loose and sagging on your arms, tummy and hips. It's often hard to target and tone these areas with exercise alone. Our Body Skin Tightening treatment uses radio frequency to...