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Emsculpt Neo Body Sculpting Perth

Emsculpt NEO is the fastest way to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. It uses top-range technology to strengthen muscles and increase the body’s metabolism.

At Ocean Cosmetics, our Cosmetic Physician Dr Gina and her team use clinically proven methods to help patients achieve their dream bodies.

Unlike other fat removal procedures, Emsculpt NEO is non-invasive, using powerful energy to sculpt and enhance your figure. The device produces optimised results, and as a result, patients can achieve a noticeable increase in muscle mass and reduction in fat. Therefore, if you have concerns about excess fat or wish for a more toned physique, Emsculpt NEO can give you the results you desire.

Inquire today or book a consultation with Dr Gina at Ocean Cosmetics to see how you can benefit from this highly advanced treatment.

How it works

This procedure is the quickest way to both gain muscle and burn fat. It is a body contouring device that offers consistent results, using similar technology to both Emsculpt and Emtone devices. By combining two remarkable technologies, radio frequency (RF) and HIFEM, into one therapy, patients experience better and more noticeable results than ever.

This procedure targets our patients’ two persistent issues: fat loss and muscle definition while emitting high-intensity concentrated electromagnetic energy (HIFEM). Like a warm-up for exercise, radiofrequency warms the muscle to prepare it for intense muscular contractions. The temperature of the subcutaneous fat rises to a point where fat cells are destroyed in less than four minutes and expelled naturally through the body’s processes. Unlike voluntary muscle contractions during a workout, supramaximal contractions put the muscle under significantly more stress forcing them to adapt and increase in number, therefore enhancing muscle definition.

EmSculpt NEO consistently demonstrated fat loss and muscle growth using the most renowned scientific techniques in seven clinical studies. HIFEM has been the most thoroughly studied body-shaping technology since its debut in 2018, with over 30 scientific publications. EmSculpt NEO has demonstrated up to a 30% reduction in fat tissue and, on average, an increase of 25% in muscle mass.

Introducing our new Edge applicator, specifically designed to target muscle groups in the lateral abdomen, known as the flanks, or “love handles.” Edge is the latest in fat reduction and muscle toning technology, capitalising on existing EmSculpt technology to induce effective non-surgical body contouring. Its unique design features a specially engineered double coil system that allows for optimal penetration of energy in the targeted areas. This unique design caters to the curvature of the hips and back, facilitating better access to the muscles and fat deposits and optimising our patients’ body contouring results.

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Cost of Emsculpt NEO in Perth

At Ocean Cosmetics, we take a tailored approach to treatment plans so that each patient can get customised results. By taking a patient-focused approach, patients can be confident they are getting quality care and guidance for their individual needs.

We offer standardised pricing for Emsculpt NEO, with packaged pricing per area. We may suggest a pack of four treatments. However, if more than one area is being treated, then this will affect the price. Therefore, we will need to discuss your body type, fat distribution, muscle mass, and overall goals to determine which treatment packages will work best for you. Additionally, we will also discuss your goals with you, including why you are seeking an Emsculpt NEO treatment and what outcomes you hope to achieve.

Once we have discussed these factors and created a treatment plan that fits your needs, we can then provide more details on the packaged pricing. If you have further questions about costs, contact us at Ocean Cosmetics or book a consultation.

Emsculpt benefits at a glance

  • Reduces fat in targeted areas
  • Strengthens and tones underlying muscles
  • Optimised results compared to other methods
  • Up to 30% reduction in fat
  • Up to 25% increase in muscle mass
  • Non-invasive, with minimal discomfort
  • Treats stubborn hard to tone areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and calves
  • An overall slimmer and more toned physique

“Emsculpt NEO has done the work for us combining technologies, which is our normal practice here at Ocean Cosmetics. Radiofrequency and HIFEM is a perfect pairing for fast, effective, and long-lasting results.”

– Dr Gina Messiha Cosmetic Doctor MB BS FRACGP

The procedure

After we have discussed your goals and treatment areas, we can proceed with your body contouring treatment. The procedure for Emsculpt NEO is non-invasive, and patients generally find it to be a comfortable process. During your treatment, the device will be applied to your targeted areas, emitting the RF and HIFEM energy through your skin to target the muscles beneath. You may feel a warm sensation, along with intense muscle contractions. We can target one or multiple areas in the one session.

Although we recommend four treatments to achieve effective body-sculpting results, this can vary depending on the patient.

Aftercare and recovery

Since Emsculpt NEO is a non-invasive process, there is no downtime required. This means you can resume all of your usual activities afterwards. Although there is no definitive “aftercare” required, there are still things you can do to optimise and maintain your results. For example, it is beneficial to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and drink plenty of water.

Although results vary from person to person, the treatment is known to produce higher fat loss and muscle growth than other procedures. This means you should start to notice a gradual improvement over the weeks following the procedure. This is especially true if you pursue a multiple-session treatment plan.


How to choose the best Emsculpt NEO body sculpting clinic in Perth

Emsculpt NEO is one of the most renowned and advanced body contouring technologies on the market today. If you have unwanted fat and are thinking about pursuing a non-invasive body sculpting procedure, you may be an ideal candidate. It is important, however, to ensure that you seek professional advice from a qualified clinician, such as Dr Gina. Dr Gina and her team at Ocean Cosmetics are highly experienced and committed to giving patients the best care, based on their body type and needs. At your consultation, we will ensure you feel comfortable and know what to expect before going ahead. Inquire today to experience effective body contouring with Emsculpt NEO.

Emsculpt Neo Before & After

Treatments backed by clinical research

At Ocean Cosmetics, we use the vast knowledge and experience of Dr Gina and her excellent team, combined with the findings of clinical studies, to produce high-end results for each of our patients. Clinical studies are important when it comes to determining the safety and effectiveness of a treatment method. They provide a reliable indication of which methods and products produce the desired or intended cosmetic outcomes. Therefore, at Ocean Cosmetics, we use the best practices, technologies, and products, as proven by clinical studies, to produce effective and satisfying results for our patients.

See below the clinical studies that pertain to Emsculpt NEO:

  • Fat SEM histology study – Robert A. Weiss, MD, FAAD, Jan Bernardy, PhD, and Frantisek Tichy, CSc (PDF)
  • A Novel Technology Combining RF and Magnetic Fields: Technical Elaboration on Novel RF Electrode Design – Diane Duncan, M.D., FACS (PDF)
  • Muscle Histology – Yael Halaas, MD; Diane Duncan, MD; Jan Bernardy, PhD; Petra Ondrackova, PhD; and Ivan Dinev, DVM, PhD, DSc (PDF)
  • Concomitant use of radiofrequency and high intensity focused electromagnetic field energies for full-body remodeling: MRI evidence-based prefatory trial – Bruce Katz MD (PDF)
  • Improvement in Core Muscle Strength by Simultaneous Application of HIFEM with Synchronized Radiofrequency: Diane Duncan, MD, FACS1*, David E Kent, MD2 and Evan Appelbaum, MD3 (PDF)
  • Emsculpt_Neo_Emsella_CLIN_JWHC_Postpartum-core-strength-physical-function-QoL_McCoy_ENUS100 (1)  (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO can be suitable for men and women of any age. However, it is not designed to help people lose weight. It is a body sculpting procedure that gives people the opportunity to slim and tone certain areas in a way that cannot be achieved with diet and exercise. Additionally, there are contraindications for the treatment, including:

  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • IUD
  • Electronic or metal implants
  • Pregnancy
  • and more – please see the full list here.

We require all patients considering Emsculpt to have a consultation with us (for an additional medical consult cost starting from $95), prior to booking your first treatment, to ensure the treatment is correct for you. If you think you may be a good candidate, contact us at Ocean Cosmetics, and we will help you decide on a treatment plan.

What’s the difference between Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO?

Both technologies are body contouring procedures that are effective in removing stubborn fat and increasing muscle mass. However, unlike Emsculpt, which uses HIFEM, Emsculpt NEO combines HIFEM with radio frequency to optimise patient outcomes. This unique blend allows patients to achieve more dramatic results in fewer treatments.

How many treatment sessions should I have?

The number of treatment sessions may depend on your own needs and goals. However, for the best results, we may recommend a series of four sessions, spaced 10 days apart.

Which areas can be treated?

Common treatment areas for Emsculpt NEO include:

  • abdomen
  • front of thighs
  • back of thighs
  • inner thighs
  • outer thighs
  • buttocks
  • arms
  • calves
  • love handles

Are there any side effects of Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO produces zero side effects. However, patients tend to experience temporary muscle fatigue in the treated area for a few days, which is a typical symptom. It is the same as how your body would react to an intense workout session.

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