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Every patient has different concerns and goals, our experienced and highly knowledgeable team of doctors, nurses, and dermal therapists are committed to creating tailored treatment plans to achieve your goals.

At Ocean Cosmetics, we know that a personalised consultation is the first step to achieve your goals. We can provide consultations around treatments for wrinkle reduction, volume loss, sagging skin, aesthetics, and lip enhancement.

As a doctor led and patient focused clinic, we have always been advocates for thorough consultation and planning ahead of cosmetic treatments, allowing us to uphold a commitment to prioritising each patient’s safety and wellbeing.

What Happens During a Consultation?

As each patient is different, consultations provide a safe space to discuss your concerns and allow our team to draw on their knowledge and experience to provide guidance, identify the right treatments, and create a plan that you’re comfortable with.

Attending Your Appointment

We ask that you attend your appointment alone. Please don’t bring your partner, children, family member, or friend as they aren’t able to join you during the consultation, and we can’t guarantee there will be space to accommodate them in our waiting areas.

Why is coming to your appointment alone important? This removes unnecessary pressure, judgement, or influence when discussing your medical history, features, and desired results with our doctors or nurses.

In addition, it’s important to note that Ocean Cosmetics has a child free policy to ensure a serene and relaxing environment where our clients can take a moment for self-care. Please respect this policy to ensure we can maintain this experience for everyone, including you.

How Much Does a Consultation Cost?

  • Consults with our doctors start at $200. This is for a consult with the highly knowledgeable and experienced Dr Gina Messiha, who is the Co-Principal and Director of Ocean Cosmetics.
  • Consults with our nurses are $95, and redeemable on treatments that are booked on the day of the consult. Our nurses specialise in treatments that address wrinkles, volume loss, or skin laxity.
  • Consults with our dermal therapists are $50, and redeemable on treatments that are booked on the day of the consult. Our therapists specialise in skin and body treatments.

“A thorough consultation is a crucial first step for new clients at Ocean Cosmetics. Not only do we get a chance to meet them before we treat them, we discuss their wants, goals and make sure that the treatment is the right one for them. At the end of the day, our clients safety and wellbeing is of the most importance to us.”

– Dr Gina Messiha Cosmetic Doctor MB BS FRACGP

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