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Share The Love with Emsculpt

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Share The Love with Emsculpt

Summer is just around the corner and we have just the treatment for you and your bestie to have you both looking leaner and stronger for beach season!

Our Share The Love with Emsculpt special is perfect for anyone wanting to lose fatty tissue around their abdominals, whilst also building muscle strength and tone. Hello six pack!

How does it work?

You and your bestie each get an Emsculpt paddle as you lie back, relax and catch up, while Emsculpt does all the work!

During your 20 minute session your abdominals will experience the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups! The supramaximal muscle contractions cause the fat tissue to melt, and the muscles to strengthen. But don’t worry, you won’t feel like you’ve just done the biggest ab workout of your life! The final phase of the treatment removes all lactic acid build up, so you can stroll out of the clinic as though nothing ever happened!

The HIFEM technology is what sets this machine apart from all others on the market. Many treatments are only able to focus on one thing at a time, either fat burning, or muscle building. Emsculpt is a two for one kind of treatment!

Who is Emsculpt for?

Often diet and exercise can’t give us the exact results we are looking for. And this is where Emsculpt steps in, as the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle. The secret weapon to your new abs!

Enjoy Emsculpt at our best price yet! Just $2,000 for a package of four treatments, making it just $1,000 each.

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  • Eligibility will be confirmed with a consult
  • All appointments must take place at the same time
  • Sessions are non-transferrable