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Dr Gina talks Biostimulation

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Dr Gina talks Biostimulation

Biostimulation, Biorejuvenation and Bioremodulation all translate to collagen stimulation, a natural tool cosmetic practitioners use to reduce and slow down signs of ageing.

These are all terms we use in aesthetic medicine to refer to using an agent to upregulate and stimulate the skin and body’s own ability to regenerate and produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Did you know that we start losing collagen from the age of 20 with a rate of 1% per year? We also lose elastin and hyaluronic acid, leading to reduced skin elasticity and luminosity, increased skin laxity and sagging, increased wrinkles and fine lines.

Using a Biostimulator will help “ hacking” and slowing down the ageing process and, in some cases, reverse signs of ageing all together.

As a cosmetic practitioner, I always believed in the natural look and enhancing patients’ own beauty, as every individual is a masterpiece and I believe it is our duty to put the frame around it. Relying on the filling effect of hyaluronic acid and the wrinkle relaxing effect of the toxin alone will never achieve these desired natural results, hence my philosophy of combining these modalities like energy based devices.

We are so privileged to now have a wide range of biostimulators which I use, either combined or alone, to achieve a variety of results.

The ‘S’

The S is a lactic acid driven biostimulator. I call it the GLUE , as it has a great ability to firm, tighten and lift the skin. It can also be used to help volumisation while maintaining your own facial shape rather than creating a puffy “ pillow face”. As a national trainer and key opinion leader in this product, I have over 15 years experience in product ‘S’ and I find the results are long-lasting: up to 2 years. This product stimulates by inducing a foreign body response and mild subclinical inflammation followed by fibroblast stimulation and collagen production.

PDO Mono Threads

PDO Mono Threads is actually another biostimulator. For me I use this biostimulator to do final refined touch in specific areas like nasolabial folds, marionette line, necklace lines, etc. in conjunction with biostimulator ‘S’.

The ‘P’

The ‘P’ product is the latest on the market. It is a stabilised hybrid of high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid which is then injected in the face. This bioremodelling hyaluronic acid has a unique ability to upregulate and stimulate collagen and elastin in both the epidermis and dermis and also keep the adipose tissues, “your fat cells”, plumped and healthy. With the added benefit of skin hydration, I consider it the HONEY of the biostimulators!

This unique product is injected over 2 sessions, a month apart, and then 6 monthly. This routine is to hack all signs of ageing by direct receptor stimulation of collagen and elastin to ensure there is no inflammation. As a key opinion leader and trainer, I had the opportunity to see the potential of this product which is suitable to anyone from 20s onwards.

To enquire about what one of these biostimulators can do for you and your skin, contact Ocean Cosmetics today to book a consultation. In your consultation, Dr Gina, our “Queen of Biostimulators” will discuss your cosmetic concerns and will evaluate your suitability to each biostimulator.

The ‘R’

The ‘R’ is a calcium driven biostimulator. This biostimulator is great to be used as a filler for areas where we need to replace bone loss, like the jawline. I also use filler ‘R diluted as a biostimulator for hands, neck and face. The ‘R’ product works in a very similar mechanism to the ‘S’ product, producing subclinical inflammation.

Biological blood driven products (PRP)

For biological blood driven products we take patients’ own blood, spin it in a centrifuge and then use the plasma for regenerative and collagen stimulation. I love this treatment for areas like the lower lid, neck and hands and also to plump and thicken the dermis by stimulating a wound healing response.

Gina Messiha

Dr. Gina Messiha (Cosmetic Doctor) MB BS FRACGP is the Co- Principal and Director of Ocean Village Medical Centre and Ocean Cosmetics.Dr Gina has a special interest in women's health, anti-ageing and injectables.