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Dr. Gina’s at home facial

Ocean Cosmetics | At home Facial

Dr. Gina’s at home facial

Bring a little bit of the Ocean Cosmetics magic into your home with Dr. Gina’s at home facial.

Just like our in clinic treatments we wanted you to be able to personalise this facial for your skins needs. Focus on hydration, exfoliation or illumination.

Dr. Gina has put together a step-by-step guide on creating a beautiful DIY facial. Check it out below!

Step one: Double cleanse

Emulsify 1/2 teaspoon amount with water. Massage onto the skin then remove thoroughly with a damp cloth, repeat.

We have the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Make ($37) up remover that you can use in this step.

Step two: Exfoliate

Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask $62
With your finger tips, massage 1-2 pumps onto the skin until mask liquefies and pilling occurs. Leave on the skin for 5-10 minutes then remove thoroughly with a damp warm cloth. This is a great option for sensitive, ageing skin, as it works to reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion.


Aspect Illuminating Polish $59.50
Gently massage a pearl sized amount over face for 60 seconds then remove thorough with a damp warm cloth. We recommend this for people with ageing, dehydrated, oily, problematic or uneven skin. However, if you have sensitive skin we suggest using the Fruit Enzyme mask instead at this step.

Step three: Boost

Probiotic Mask $62
Apply 1 teaspoon of mask and massage onto the skin for five minutes. This is great for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin that needs an instant hydration boost.
TIP: Start with sweeping movements up the neck, along the jaw line, from nose out to cheeks and across the forehead.


Exfoliating Clay Mask $62
Apply 1 teaspoon of mask to skin and leave to dry for five to 10 minutes. Dampen skin with wet fingertips and emulsify mask before removing thoroughly with a damp warm cloth. We recommend this mask for people with oily skin as this product will leave your skin clean and clear.

Step four: Target

Follow with Redless if you would like extra hydration. Redless is ideal for all skin types, even sensitive as it helps protect the skin from the environment. Massage Eyelift around the eye area by using circular movements around the orbital bone.

Step five: Hydrate and SPF

Apply 5ml of your favourite Aspect Sun SPF product and the Aspect Skincare moisturiser of your choice.

Enjoy morning, noon or night, in a ball gown because you can, or in just your pjs! Get all these goodies and more in clinic, you can order via email on Or look out for our next product purchase day on socials and in your inbox and you can simply call through your order on 6336 7250!

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