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Since 1992, Australia’s leading luxury skincare brand RATIONALE has been prescribed by Australia’s leading Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians to deliver Luminous Skin for Life.

The cornerstone of RATIONALE is Research and Development led by Founder and Director of RATIONALE Research, Richard Parker. As the world leaders in restoring and protecting skin radiance by preventing and repairing solar damage, RATIONALE’s Essential Six system works in perfect synchronicity with the skin to achieve optimal skin health and radiance through their skin identical formulas. RATIONALE is the perfect conduit between modern beauty and medicine; transcending traditional beauty propositions, and the platinum standard in delivering Luminous Skin for Life.


RATIONALE Essential Six

Every RATIONALE prescription is built around the Essential Six; a groundbreaking luxury skincare regimen that draws on world-leading Australian solar skincare research to deliver all of the actives your skin needs to protect and repair sun damage and maintain healthy, glowing skin for life. Created with Skin Identical Technology, the Essential Six formulations work synergistically with skin—and each other—to deliver the perfect combination of active ingredients at the correct concentration to be recognised and utilised by skin cells to achieve unprecedented results. The system is simple – three steps in the morning to protect and three steps at night to repair. The result is Luminous Skin for Life.