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Sculptra Aftercare


Massage the area for 5 minutes, 5 times per day for 5 days.
Sometimes bumps may develop over 6-12 months and may resolve themselves. Sometimes they may require treatment. If you have any concerns, please contact your treating doctor. Report any side effects to your treating doctor.

First 24 hours

  • Don’t apply make up
  • Don’t shampoo hair
  • Don’t swim or exercise vigorously
  • Don’t expose yourself to extreme heat or cold
  • Don’t drink very hot beverages or alcohol
  • Arnica tablets if prone to bruising and swelling
  • Apply damp icy cloth if swelling or tenderness. Avoid direct contact of ice to skin as it may burn skin.
  • Try to sleep elevated if excessive swelling.

Over the next 2 days

  • Avoid all activities that would wrinkle your face and reduce product absorption evenly into your tissues. Use moisturiser cream to massage to reduce friction on face.
  • Sleep on your back so that skin will drape evenly

Over the next 7 days

  • After each treatment session, gently massage the treated areas at least daily. More often if lumps occur.
  • Massage in small rotatory rhythmic movement for 5-10 min.
  • Don’t use goggles for 4 weeks after treatment
  • Avoid excessive sun and UV lamp exposure until all swelling and redness resolved. Apply sun screen before going out in sun



What Is Sculptra?
Sculptra is a sterile suspension of biodegradable and biocompatible poly-L-Lactic acid which is injected through skin into underlying tissues. This is designed to replenish collagen and subtly reduce lines, wrinkles and folds as well as correct skin aging and lipo-atrophy (fat loss). This is not for lips or around eyes and is not filler. The procedure may involve multiple injection sites.

Risks and Side Effects
There is always a small but definite risk that injections with Sculptra may injure facial vessels.
In many cases this results in bruising and/or swelling which will settle in the days or weeks following treatment. However rarely, Sculptra may enter a blood vessel and produce a blockage that may result in skin breakdown and scarring.

Please be fully aware that Sculptra cannot be dissolved.

If detected and managed early, tissue breakdown may be avoided. It is important to communicate with your doctor or nurse about any concerns you have following treatment. (Please see “how to recognise an adverse reaction”, below)

Very rarely (estimated at 0.001%) blindness has occurred from Sculptra entering a vessel which is unlikely to be reversed. Also, there is a very rare risk of stroke from Sculptra entering into a blood vessel. There are certain areas of the face that will carry a greater risk of blindness and should be performed by an experienced practitioner with extensive facial anatomy and injecting knowledge. These include the frown lines, nose, forehead, temples, tear troughs and nasolabial (nose to mouth) lines.
At Ocean Cosmetics we do not inject frown lines, the nose or forehead with Sculptra.

Common side effects

  • Bleeding – during the treatment
  • Pain or discomfort – during and after the treatment
  • Tenderness at the treatment site lasting up to 2 weeks
  • Bruising and swelling – post treatment for up to 2 weeks
  • Feeling faint during procedure – please warn doctor/nurse if you are prone to fainting
  • An uneven result

Adverse Reactions
The following symptoms are NOT considered a normal reaction following a Sculptra treatment.

  • Skin discolouration to the treatment area or surrounds that appears purple/blue/white/grey in colour. This is a sign of a vascular occlusion (blockage of blood to tissue) and requires immediate intervention.
  • Inflamed, hardened lumps with discomfort to touch
  • Delayed sudden presentation of hard, inflamed lumps in the area of injection. Permanent granuloma or nodule formation (lumps under the skin) that may require surgical correction and may be untreatable (this is rare with Sculptra and temporary fillers). This may occur at any time after the procedure eg.1 month- 6months – 18months
  • Allergic reaction / anaphylaxis
  • Ulceration or blistering to the treatment area or surrounds
  • Prolonged redness and heat to the injection site or surrounds
  • Severe swelling that impacts normal activities (eg. eating , drinking, sleeping)
  • Pustule formation at the injection sites
  • Prolonged sensitivity/pain at the treated sites within the days following treatment
  • Persistent itchiness with or without a rash
  • Scar formation after injection (keloid or hypertrophic)
  • Infection (with herpes simplex virus, other virus or bacteria) and subsequent scar formation
  • Nerve damage and resulting numbness or weakness
  • Loss of vision (irreversible blindness) 1 in 100,000


If you experience any of the complications above, please phone the clinic immediately;

Wembley Downs: 08 6336 7250

Cottesloe: 08 6388 2727 

If it is after hours (between 5pm and 9am) please use the chat box in the bottom right of the page. 

This link is only to be used in the event of severe complications.

Please note, this notification may not be received outside of 9pm and 7am, so should your symptoms worsen or there is reason for alarm, please present to your nearest emergency department, or contact 000.