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Sieanna is a dermal skin specialist with more than eight years of industry experience. Sieanna has trained all over the world with some of the best in this business. Combining her love for skin with her love for travel, she spent a stint abroad in America and Europe on the 6 Star Super Yachts, managing a team of global experts and performing the latest in skin treatments for the passengers. She’s back in Australia to further her knowledge in skin and health and we’re so happy to have her as a part of our team! Sieanna has trained in dermal treatments all around the world including laser and IPL.

Sieanna’s philosophy to skin care is that “she wants everyone to feel confident and beautiful in their own natural beauty, body and skin”

Favourite treatment: I love adding a Healite LED session onto my treatments. You can never go wrong with this treatment! It’s an amazing technology that will redefine your skin to a whole new level.

Favourite product: I’m a big believer in always having a B serum or Niacinamide serum handy in your skin care range. It’s an essential element to giving our skin a natural glow and stengthening our skin barrier – it’s like giving your skin a healthy boost every morning.