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Senior Dermal Therapist

A qualified therapist Lulu holds a Diploma of Beauty Therapy & Certificate (Vocational Intense Pulsed Light) and a Diploma of Beauty & Vocational Graduate Certificate (IPL and Laser). She has over 6 years’ experience in the industry and thoroughly enjoys attending training workshops, keeping abreast of all the latest techniques and technology trends. She specialises in treating active acne and pigmentation and strongly believes in the power of cosmeceutical products and the significant changes a well prescribed home care routine can create for her clients.

“I try to approach my clients kindly and gently, to ensure they feel comfortable and relaxed before treatment. I love to see them achieve results in safe and effective manner and help them feel cared for during every stage of their skincare journey.”

FAVOURITE TREATMENT: I feel so lucky to be able to work with most advanced anti-ageing treatments and products. I absolutely love all the treatments we provide here, especially Endymed FSR.

FAVOURITE PRODUCT: Rationale No.2 (Vitamin A,C,E serum). This is a very powerful anti-ageing serum, which helps to prevent and repair ageing, especially sun damaged ageing. If you don’t want to have facelift later on, you should start using vitamin A,C,E serum as soon as you can.

BEST BEAUTY TIP: As 80% of ageing is caused by the sun, the best way to prevent photo ageing is by protecting your skinis by using broad-spectrum sun block SPF50. Simply using a broad-spectrum sun block can help us age gracefully. Investing in your cosmeceutical skin care and treatments can help you keep beautiful, healthy & luminous skin for life.