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Wrinkle Relaxers from $4 per unit

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Wrinkle Relaxers from $4 per unit

We have a variety of wrinkle relaxers that are designed to reduce and even prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

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“D” $4 per unit

Has the desired effect on a slightly larger area than other types of wrinkle relaxers, meaning it spreads more widely. Generally, takes two to three days to take effect.

“X” $10 per unit

This is the purist form of wrinkle relaxer, with no accessory ingredients, which may suit people with allergies, or a tolerance of other brands better. Usually takes between five and six days to take effect.

“B” $12 per unit

Is more concentrated and works well to smooth out deeper wrinkling. Typically takes seven to 10 days to take effect.

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