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EndyBleph Eye Rejuvenation $1,550 (package of three)

EndyBleph Eye Rejuvenation $1,550 (package of three)

An alternative to relaxers, fillers and surgery, EndyBleph is an eye rejuvenation treatment that combines two different EndyMed treatments together.

The EndyMed iFine hand piece uses Radio Frequency to stimulate collagen and plump the skin around the eyes. It’s then followed by the FSR hand piece, which also utilises RF for tightening with micro fractional ablation to resurface the skin resulting in newer younger looking skin. This makes it great for creating a smoother texture and reducing fine lines.

We’re excited to introduce our new EndyBleph Package!

Three EndyBleph Treatments + two additional iFine Treatments for $1,550

– Payment in full must be made at the time of first appointment
– The standard Ocean Cosmetics cancellation policy applies
– This is an ongoing promotion at Ocean Cosmetics so no expiration date applies