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There she glows (the beauty of Fraxel)

There she glows (the beauty of Fraxel)

We all dream about having smooth, even, glowing skin, but is that possible? We are here to tell you that yes, it is, and it comes in the form of FRAXEL.

Dr Gina and Dr Jess love administering this treatment because they know just how effective it is. It may seem daunting for first-time clients, but once you’ve experienced the results, you’ll be in love.

What is Fraxel?
A non-ablative fractional laser therapy, suitable for almost all skin types Fraxel’s proven laser technology helps reverse the visible effects of aging, naturally helping you look as young as you feel.

What skin concerns does it treat?
From acne scarring, irregular skin texture, sun spots and age spots to large pores and fine lines Fraxel will smooth them all away. Fraxel gives you lovely, radiant skin while pre-emptively fighting lines and wrinkles.

Is Fraxel right for you?
Many different people can benefit from Fraxel. We particularly recommend it for clients who have acne pitted scarring as this can be difficult to treat and needs a deeper treatment than just superficial laser, especially if the scarring is very bad. We also recommend it for clients who have a lot of sun damage, wrinkling and anyone who has photo-aged skin (pre-mature aging of the skin due to UVA/UVB damage).

Is there anyone who should not receive Fraxel?
We don’t recommend this treatment for clients who have severe rosacea, eczema, vitiligo, anyone with a history of Keloid scarring, anyone who is pregnant/trying to become pregnant, or anyone undergoing chemotherapy.

What types of results can people expect after treatment?
After only one treatment clients can expect their skin to have a smoother texture and a clearer complexion. After a series of treatments, lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable, you’ll experience a more even texture, smaller pores, and clearer skin in terms of hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

How often do you recommend someone get Fraxel?
This varies. For example, acne scarring may require 4 Fraxel treatments spaced a minimum 4-6 weeks apart, followed by a break of 9-12 months, then another 4 treatments. Each client’s treatment program is unique, depending on their requirements.

How long do results typically last?
Results should continue to last from one Fraxel treatment to the next and for quite some time after if the client takes care of their skin. It’s important to remember that you do not see the full results of one Fraxel treatment until about 6 months later.

What is the recovery time?
Clients can expect to have a social downtime of about 5-7 days. Sometimes a client’s skin can take 10-14 days downtime, especially if their treatment pulls lots of pigmentation to exfoliate off.

Is there anything else you should know about Fraxel?
Fraxel can be an intense treatment. A topical numbing cream is applied about 60-90 mins prior to treatment. The stronger the treatment, the more uncomfortable it is. It is also good to remember that your skin will be sensitive to the sun for months after treatment. SPF should be worn even on a rainy day. After treatment, clients should never go to the beach without a wide-brimmed hat and SPF – even if it is MONTHS from when you were treated. Not only sun exposure, but heat can cause hyperpigmentation as well.

What now?
Now you know a little more about Fraxel, why don’t you give Dr Gina or Dr Jess a call and book an appointment to see if Fraxel is right for you?
The Easter break is almost here, creating the perfect opportunity for Fraxel treatment + Downtime.

We are offering LED treatment post-Fraxel for only $40! This fantastic treatment speeds up the healing process, and for only $40 it’s a great deal.

Call us today to discuss your prescription for natural beauty. And keep an eye on your inbox as next week we’ll be discussing Intensif. We can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Until then, take care of your skin – it‘s the only one you’ve got.


P.S. next time you’re in the clinic ask us about Rationale – it will change your world!