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Peel it to reveal it! (The secret to supple, glowing, youthful skin)

Peel it to reveal it! (The secret to supple, glowing, youthful skin)

Chemical peels. The name suggests all sorts of horrors but we’re here to reassure you – they are brilliant, and they won’t melt your face off! In fact, the name itself is a little misleading. At Ocean Cosmetic’s we use Rationale’s range of facial peels, which are created from fruit acid bases. So, in a way, your nana was right when she told you to use lemon juice to lighten your freckles! The Rationale range is classified as superficial peels, mainly alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) – naturally-occurring organic fruit-based acids. These acids contribute to inducing exfoliation and accelerating natural cell production.

The use of AHAs can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Cleopatra, who was said to have applied sour milk to her face to enhance its youthfulness!

If you have never taken the plunge and had a chemical peel, now is the time. They are safer and more effective than ever before, and when administered by one of the lovely Ocean Cosmetic’s technicians, a peel will reveal the soft, beautiful, skin you have always dreamed about.

These fantastic treatments work on both male and female skin, and are a fast and cost-effective way of achieving significant improvements in the texture and feel of your skin.
Sound too good to be true? We know!

How Does a Chemical Peel work?
A liquid solution is applied to the treatment area. The strength of the peel depends on your specific needs and requirements (each treatment is unique). Treatments usually last around 15 to 20 minutes and stimulate the production of new skin cells by gently removing the superficial layer of skin.

What Happens During a Chemical Peel Treatment?
During a peel, the treatment area will be cleansed thoroughly, and the solution is applied to the skin using a gentle brush. After a few minutes the peel is neutralised, and then a soothing cream and sun protection is applied. Post-treatment at home care is discussed.

What kind of problems can they treat?
Chemical peels can be used on the face, neck, chest, hands, legs or arms.
Specifically, they are effective for the treatment of acne, fine lines and wrinkles, ages spots, freckles and dark spots, dehydrated and dull skin, skin texture and pigmentation problems.

Does a Chemical Peel hurt?
Some patients will experience a mild tingling sensation for five to ten minutes, which can be followed by a stinging sensation. These are usually temporary.

What is the downtime?
Full healing time varies, depending on the type and depth of peel that is performed.
Superficial chemical peels are a good option for many people as they have a gentler effect and do not give visible skin peeling, inflammation or significant redness compared to medium and deep chemical peels.
Medium and deep peels reach deeper, with more effective and dramatic results. Downtime is usually around a week or so.

How Many Peels Do I Need?
Whilst you will see benefits after a single peel, we recommend a course of about 4 peels, as the full benefits of the peel build up over a course of treatments.

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Until next time remember, love the skin you are in.

P.S. You really don’t need to be scared about Chemical Peels – they are brilliant! Call us today to book a no-obligation consultation or appointment and find out for yourself.
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