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Choosing your cosmetic and skin practitioner

Choosing your cosmetic and skin practitioner

Anti-wrinkle injectionslip fillers, laser treatments – chances are, if you haven’t had one of these treatments, someone you know probably has. Due to rising availability and more awareness on social media, cosmetic treatments are becoming more mainstream and less taboo amongst women of all ages across Australia.

With the recent media wave on the danger of dodgy practitioners and clinics, with one patient losing their sight after a filler procedure gone wrong, it has never been more important for patients to educate themselves and understand how important it is to be sure your practitioner knows what they are doing. But with shopping centre clinics popping up all over the place, how do you know who to trust your assets to?

Ocean Cosmetics, located in Wembley Downs, Western Australia believe that ongoing training and commitment for their entire team is the key for providing their clients with the utmost level of care and service.

Ocean Cosmetics have one of the most highly trained clinics in the country when it comes to non-surgical treatments. Their practitioners including doctors, nurses, dermal clinicians and beauty therapists are consistently attending industry conferences and training to ensure they are skilled in the latest techniques and armed with the most up-to-date knowledge on aesthetic treatments. We know, we’ve seen them there! We take a look inside a cosmetic clinic doing it right.

So you’ve decided you want a treatment, now what?
With an explosion of clinics opening their doors faster than you can keep up with – especially since the regulations in WA have changed to allow therapists to provide laser treatment, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start with your research.

Dr Gina Messiha and Dr Jessica Wang, co-founders of Ocean Cosmetics, agree that doing your research on a clinics qualifications and experience is a great place to start.

Look at the doctors, nurses and therapists titles and qualifications online and check out the clinics social media for any conferences or training updates they may post.

Prepare some questions:
You may have read blogs and forums on treatments, or asked your friends about it – but it’s important to prepare your own questions for your appointment with your practitioner, nurse or therapist. Consider asking things such as:

– What qualifications do you have?
– How long have you been doing the treatment?
– What experience do you have with this particular treatment?
– Do you attend regular training courses?
– Are you a member of the CPCA?

Book a consultation
There’s no need to rush straight into a treatment, many clinics offer free consultations with their therapists and billed cosmetic consults with their doctors. Dr Gina Messiha says that a face-to-face consultation is particularly important, especially when it comes to injectables. “In my initial consultation I thoroughly assess my patient’s skin, facial proportions, symmetry, shape and expressions. This is simply something you can’t evaluate properly over Skype or video call.”

The rest of the team at Ocean Cosmetics agree that their main priority is to work with their clients to create a skin care treatment plan that suits their unique requirements and provides them with fresh, natural looking results.

The Ocean Cosmetics Difference
Ocean Cosmetics are passionate about good skin and have a continual commitment to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology to provide the best results to their clients.

This clinic is headed up by Dr Gina Messiha who has trained under Perth’s most reputable dermatologists in laser. Practicing since 2007, Dr Gina is a member of the CPCA which is the main college of cosmetic medicine in Australia, this college insures all members are experienced and continue doing professional development each year. She holds an AAAM – an American Academy of Aesthetics Medicine Diploma and is the Galderma trainer for injectables and has been trained by top international practitioners.

Dr Jessica Wang (ACAM, MBBS, RACGP), says “I am committed to using my extensive training and knowledge base to assist my patients overcome their personal skin issues. Here at Ocean Cosmetics we want our patients to walk away happy and satisfied that they have received professional and expert treatment of the highest standard, to enhance, improve and rejuvenate their natural look.”

Ocean Cosmetics offers:
Fraxel Laser
Clear + Brilliant Laser
BBL Photo Rejuvenation
Endymed Intensif, Skin Tightening and 3DEED FSR
Wrinkle Relaxants
Tissue Stimulants
Double Chin Treatment
Micro Skin Needling
Dermal Fillers
Chemical Peels

As well as a range other body treatments, including:
CRISTAL® Medical Cryolipolysis
Endymed Body Contouring
Lightsheer Hair Removal
Tattoo Removal
Skin Tightening 3DEEP

If you’d like more information on Ocean Cosmetics check out their website or if you’d like to arrange a no-obligation consultation, phone (08) 6336 7250.


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Gina Messiha

Dr. Gina Messiha (Cosmetic Doctor) MB BS FRACGP is the Co- Principal and Director of Ocean Village Medical Centre and Ocean Cosmetics. Dr Gina has a special interest in women's health, anti-ageing and injectables.