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Summer Skin Tips!

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Summer Skin Tips!

How to keep your skin looking gorgeous this festive season

Every year the festive season brings party after party, and while this can be a either a lot of fun, or a lot of stress, your skin can take a bit of a beating.

Late nights drinking, over-indulging in salty and sugary foods, and dropping into bed before properly cleansing your face, can leave your skin looking dull, dry and puffy.

We asked our nurses and therapists for their top tips on how to keep your skin glowing all silly season long!

For tired and puffy eyes

Things you can do at home

Using a day or night eye cream with active ingredients can stimulate collagen production, strengthen the elasticity of the skin and firm the eye area. RATIONALE DNA Eye Cream is sensitive enough for this delicate eye area, yet, has plenty of active ingredients to produce results.

Placing cold cotton balls or a chilled gel eye mask over closed eyes for 10 minutes can help drain accumulated fluid and reduce swelling.

Things you can have done in clinic

EndyMed Skin Tightening treatment will help smooth the lines and reduce the puffiness by slowly warming up the skin using Bipolar Radio Frequency energy. You’ll walk out looking bright eyed!

The Plamere Plasma Pen produces a gas encouraging the production of new skin cells and collagen rejuvenation. Tightening the skin in targeted areas, it softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment does come with a little bit of downtime – so plan in advance so you can reap the benefits come festive time!

For uneven skin tone and a puffy face

Things you can do at home

Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water through-out the day and night will help keep your skin hydrated.

Boost your skin’s immune system with RATIONALE’s Immunologist Mask and Serum. Created to reactivate your skin’s luminosity and radiance. Nourishing and hydrating your skin with a host of vitamins, amino acids, and botanicals. Calming stressed sensitive and inflamed skin.

Eat nourishing foods filled with vitamins A, B and E. Such as salmon, nuts, seeds, spinach, avocado, and berries. Offer to bring a plate of food to every event that you know will promote healthy skin cells.

Things you can have done in clinic

Our Signature Luxury Tightening Facial is the perfect reason to have a little nap whilst getting a skin refresh. The treatment starts with an in-depth skin analysis, ensuring your treatment is personalised to suit your needs and skin concerns.

The Luxury Tightening Facial has been designed to exactly what it says! Firstly, tightening the skin with our EndyMed treatment. Followed by a chemical peel customised to your area of concern, resulting in a brighter complexion!


Things you can do at home

Knowing your skin will help prevent any breakouts occurring. Acting before a breakout can stop it from occurring, or reduce its severity. If you know that you generally breakout before important events when you’re stressed and run-down then it’s time to act!

Use the Catalyst Serum by RATIONALE in the areas you know always flare-up. If a pimple does occur, place a cold compress on the area for 5-10 minutes, reducing the swelling. Pat the area dry, then using a clean cotton swab apply benzoyl peroxide cream or gel. Notice, there was nothing about popping the pimple!

Things you can have done in clinic

A Salicylic acid chemical peel breaks down and kills acne causing bacteria. Our peels encourage controlled shedding of damaged skin, revealing softer, smoother skin. Add an LED Healite treatment for an extra boost to enhance your results.

No matter what the festive season throws at you we have a fix for you. Whether it’s just a quick home remedy, or an in-salon treatment, your skin will be glowing all summer long! If you have any questions about skin maintenance, and what products are right for you be sure to ask us at your next appointment.