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Introducing the Signature Series

Introducing the Signature Series

Here at Ocean Cosmetics we are always looking for new ways to help our clients achieve their goals. Our new bespoke treatment packages have been created by our two incredible Cosmetic Doctors, Dr Gina Messiha and Dr Jessica Wang with specific results in mind.

So, what Signature Series treatment package is right for you?

If you suffer from urinary incontinence following childbirth the Ultimate Mummy Makeover, or Core to the Floor package is for you.

The Ultimate Mummy Makeover is for women who need help restoring internal function to overcome urinary incontinence with two ThermiVa treatments, and eight Emsella treatments. The Ultimate Mummy Makeover also includes five Emsculpt treatments which is perfect for rebuilding strength in a target area of your choice.

Core to the Floor has been designed for women who want to rebuild their core strength, from their pelvic floor muscles to their abdominal wall. This package includes four Emsculpt ab treatments, and eight Emsella sessions.

Our Ultimate Body Package is here for people who just aren’t seeing results they want with diet and exercise alone. This is a targeted approach to fat and cellulite reduction, as well as muscle building. By combining multiple modalities we are able to see better, longer-lasting results. This package includes four Emtone treatments, four Emsculpt treatments, and two Body Tightening Treatments.

The Signature Skin Tightening Facial doesn’t just give you incredible results, it is also an opportunity for you to nourish your soul as you lie back and let your therapist do their magic. Perfect for a pre-event treat to get your skin looking its best! Enjoy a custom chemical peel, followed by EndyMed Skin Tightening, and completed with a session under the LED light.

Want to know more about the Signature Series, click here to read more and book in.