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The super hot treatment of the moment is the ThermiVa for vaginal rejuvenation. This is the second story we’ve had come to us in the last couple of weeks! Whether it’s because you find yourself with incontinence after (or before!) having children, want a bit of tightening to boost your sex life, or because of a range of other issues it can treat… the ThermiVa is a treatment that is a exciting for women everywhere. Read more about this patient’s motivation, her experience and of course, her awesome results.

I’m 48 active, fit and healthy to look at on the outside but my vagina tells another story!!!
I’m perimenopausal and also have Sjogren’s which is an autoimmune disease of the salivary glands which results in dryness of the eyes, mouth and vagina.

In the past 6 months, I have noticed a significant change in lubrication or should I say the lack of lubrication during sex. I have a wonderful partner who is very attentive in the bedroom and it’s never been a problem before. I felt like my mind (emotions) and sexual desires were all switched on but it wasn’t making a connection/response (wetness) physically no matter what we tried.

I went to see my Doctor at Ocean Cosmetics, Dr Gina, who was very understanding and could see clearly how this was affecting me. She then told me all about the ThermiVa; how it works, the benefits, and the results that are achieved almost instantly – and, it’s a non-surgical treatment… well it sounded almost too good to be true. It was the first time I have ever heard of such a treatment. I left the doctors that afternoon with a pamphlet on ThermiVa in my hand eager to get home and do my own research.

Once I read as much information as I could about the ThermiVa, which was very promising… with no downtime, and very safe as heat energy (radiofrequency) is used to kickstart the collagen to rejuvenate it. Well, that’s my interpretation of it but Im sure its a little more involved than that! It not only helps with woman suffering from dryness, but also incontinence as well as the appearance of the vagina itself. It was impressive enough for me to go ahead and book my first treatment.

I was very excited and not nervous at all about my first treatment with the ThermiVa. Dr Gina made me feel very comfortable and explained what she was doing every step of the way. I laid comfortably on the treatment bed with knees up legs apart – no different to the position of a pap smear really.

A long rod just over 1cm wide (which becomes your property to bring in for future treatments) was inserted into my vagina with a gel on it for comfort. It is then moved in an “in and out” motion internally as the tip of the rod heats up to the recommended temperature. It’s very comfortable, and only at one point I would say it got too warm for me to handle in one particular area but then Dr Gina just adjusted the temperature and it was fine from there.

Once the internal treatment was completed which is approximately 15-20 mins Dr Gina worked on the outside of my vagina – the Vulva and Labia which is meant to give it a more of a youthful look and not so sad and saggy looking especially after having children.

Like having a facial on my vagina!

This part of the treatment was very comfortable, it was like having a facial but on my vagina . Its warm with massaging strokes as the rod with gel on it again is moved up and down the labia.

Once the treatment was finished I had a closer look and surprised to see my Vagina more plump looking and not so thin and saggy (Labia). I thought Wow but let’s just see as the days and weeks go by if it remained like that. I left Dr Gina that morning very happy and excited with the external look but what I was really wanting to check out was the lubrication during sex with my partner who I wasn’t seeing till the next day. My day continued as normal with no side effects at all.

Intensity of orgasm heightened

Now, when it came to sex I was totally blown away not only for the amount of lubrication which was so much better but the intensity of my orgasm was heightened. I was so thrilled but thought possibly it could be mind over matter as I really wanted this to work for me.

Well I’m pleased to say that I have just had my 2nd treatment last week so it’s coming up to 5 weeks now and I am so happy with the results.

The appearance of my vagina before 1st treatment then a before of the 2nd treatment is such an improvement but what surprised me too was the colouring of the Labia to be lighter. Sex is great, lubrication is back to what I remember, and those orgasms are unbelievable!!!! I feel like me again.

I would highly recommend ThemiVa to any women out there who have concerns in the areas that ThermiVa can help with.

It’s a great feeling to know that there is a treatment out there such as ThermiVa that can help in more ways than one. I believe your physical and emotional well being are so important to be balanced and ThermiVa has brought that balance back into my life.

Dr Gina from Ocean Cosmetics is one of Australia’s most experienced and trained practitioners in the ThermiVa, with 6 years obstetrics and gynaecology, 15 years in general practice specialising in women and mental health, 10 years in cosmetics and anti aging medicine with experience in energy based devices. To arrange a consultation with Dr Gina phone 08 6336 7250.

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