Reclaim your power and treat your vaginal issues with the ThermiVa Treatment


We live in an exciting time where women are reclaiming their power. Their power to stand up for themselves, be heard and feel confident to change anything that needs changing about themselves, their lives and their bodies if they choose to, or need to. We are mothers, daughters, wives, partners, role models, best friends. We juggle families, careers and lives that sometimes seem so busy or full that we often forget about ourselves, or just put up with any issues that we have because there’s always something more “important” to attend to. Up until the last few years, we’d never really heard of “treat your vaginal issues” however this is now something that many women are doing. No longer do you have to put up with incontinence or a leaky bladder, no longer do we have to “accept” that our sex lives won’t ever be satisfying. The ThermiVa treatment is taking the world by storm because it’s helping women everywhere with all sorts of vaginal issues. We chatted to a couple of lovely ladies who’ve had the ThermiVa treatment at Ocean Cosmetics in Perth.

Jean’s Story – dry vagina, lack of libido and painful intercourse

Jean was lucky in that her GP told her about the ThermiVa treatment when she was there for ongoing HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). “My GP didn’t pressure me, but thought it would definitely improve and help me. I read the information and went on YouTube to listen to other women and see what other women had said, good and bad.”

Jean had the treatment with Dr Gina Messiha from Ocean Cosmetics.“My doctor delivering the treatment was excellent; caring, professional and thorough. She explained it all in great detail. I was nervous but all my fears were allayed by the doctor.”

Jean says she had results immediately after the treatment. “I had results straight away and was very pleased with the treatment. I even recommended it to a friend.”

The second treatment was not as uncomfortable as the first Jean explains. “Obviously it proves the treatment works!” She always says she wants to recommend the treatment. “I’d personally recommend the treatment for menopausal women experiencing painful sex or dryness. Also, I had  an episiotomy scar which the treatment has reduced the scar tissue and it’s not painful at all now. The treatment has definitely changed my life and I now don’t have to take HRT which really has made me happy.”

Jean says it made a difference that the staff where she had the treatment were great. “Dr Gina was fabulous, Jo the receptionist was professional and friendly. The post treatment leaflet explains minor side effects which helped as some abdominal discomfort 24 hrs but absolutely no down time needed.”

Denise’s Story – bladder leakage, or incontinence

We also spoke to Denise who sought out the treatment because of her battle with bladder leakage. “I am a very active person who exercises and walks daily.  Being the mother of 3 and now going through menopause I was battling with bladder leakage which was getting worse each year.  I resorted to wearing panty liners and was constantly worrying about the odour!  When I heard about this treatment I decided to try it.”

Denise says she was nervous before her first treatment because she didn’t know what to expect. “I was relieved and happy to experience no pain at all during or after the treatment.  My doctor was very gentle and reassuring and explained the process as she went along.  I did not feel self-conscious as she made me feel totally at ease. I experienced no pain at all.  I was advised to abstain from sex for 5 days and apart from that there really was nothing to worry about.”

Denise says she only has one bit of advice for any woman. “My only advice is … do not hesitate to have this treatment if you have been considering it.  I can honestly say that it works and is completely pain and fuss free.  I can now exercise and walk with total confidence and am no longer worried about bladder leakage at all! Having this treatment has certainly changed my life … it is such a relief to not have to worry about leakage or the smell of urine.  I was so amazed and delighted that after the first treatment there was a huge improvement and after the second treatment I now have no problem with leakage at all … even if I am dying to go to the loo!”

Denise and Jean are just two of dozens of women who have told us about their life changing treatments with ThermiVa. Many of them can’t speak highly enough of the practitioner and clinic where they had the treatment – Dr Gina Messiha at Ocean Cosmetics. Dr Gina and her team are getting a name for being THE place to go to sort out any of your vaginal issues with the ThermiVa. Dr Gina has a background of obstetrics and gynaecology training prior to opening her general practice where she focussed on her special interest in women health and aesthetic medicine as a GP. Dr Gina says, “any Physician performing the procedure has to have a good understanding of the anatomical and functional variations of each clients who present with different problems and tailor the treatment towards their needs. The wonderful thing about the ThermiVa is that patients are reporting that by Day 3 they felt different, with NO PAIN and that the clock went back to how they felt 20 years prior. They have no irritation and the added bonus of revitalizing the outside vulvar area.”

If you’d like more information about the ThermiVa check out the blogs below, or to find a practitioner who performs the ThermiVa treatment in their clinic click here. Or, if you’re in Perth, you might want to contact Ocean Cosmetics on 08 6336 7250. Dr Gina also encourages anyone interested to check out her on Instagram drgina_cosmetics.

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