Mesotherapy – a cocktail, but not as you know it.

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Ocean Cosmetics have recently introduced a new treatment to the clinic – Mesotherapy. A customised cocktail of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more are created based on the client’s individual skin concerns, whether that’s pigmentation, ageing or simply wanting a complexion boost. Then the meso mask is applied to the face after micro skin needling has been performed, to allow it to sink into the skin.

We recently had two of our clients try the new mesotherapy treatment, and they’ve shared their experience with us below.

Ali’s experience:

“I was a bit hesitant about Mesotherapy as I knew very little about the treatment, but if Dr. Gina says it’s good, it must be good!  I’ve had a range of treatments before, but not skin needling, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Dr. Gina and my therapist Hayley chose a custom mix of DMAE, Vitamin A, E, C, Hyluronic acid and a depigmentation serum containing Tranexamic Acid and Glutathione to target my skin pigmentation and give me a hydrating boost.

We started with some before pics, and then Hayley did a double cleanse and applied the topical numbing cream, which was a very strange sensation!  She started the needling which was completely pain-free and comfortable, I didn’t have any sort of discomfort. Once the treatment was finished, she applied some Rationale products and a light tint so I could face the world again!

It was a fast treatment (about 40 minutes all up), and I was able to go straight back out again – albeit with a warning about staying out of the sun. My face felt quite hot during the day, but it wasn’t too red. I even had a lunch and a photoshoot afterwards, and nobody noticed that it was different to usual.

I used some Aspect Dr ‘Redless’ serum that night which was nice and soothing, and took the redness down almost completely. Over the next few days I had some dry patches and a bit of flaking, but kept using my Rationale serums and my skin felt lovely and smooth.

A week later and I have noticed a substantial difference in the appearance of my darker spots, and my skin’s texture is also smoother and firmer.  It’s definitely a treatment I’ll have again!” 



Gabby’s experience:

“As someone with an acute fear of needles, the thought of getting a lot of tiny needles stuck in my face terrified me. However, I realised I was just being overly dramatic as soon as I met with Dr Gina and my therapist Leanne and they explained the treatment to me, showed me the micro needling pen and told me about the numbing cream I would have applied before we got started. So there was really nothing to be afraid of.

I’m a huge fan of chemical peels and LED light treatments (preferably together!), so I was curious to see what mesotherapy was and what it could do to my skin. Having quite fair skin, my complexion can often look a little dull and washed out, especially if I’m not feeling the best, so my customised meso cocktail consisted of DMAE, Vitamin A, E, C, Hyluronic acid to tighten, brighten and hydrate my skin.

The treatment itself wasn’t too bad, the micro needling pen sounded a little like a tattoo gun but I could only feel a slight vibration on my face during the treatment, thanks to the numbing cream. As I had expressed my irrational fear of needles before the treatment, Leanne kept checking how I was going – but the treatment wasn’t actually painful at all, the worst part was the sting from the products put on afterwards.

My skin was quite red and warm for the first 24 hours following the treatment and some moderate redness stayed around for three days, followed by some light flaking around my chin and nose. I took this opportunity to give my skin a break from wearing make up for a few days as well, which it loved.

One week post treatment and I feel like my skin is glowing! I’ve had comments from friends on how smooth it looks and I feel like the treatment has really given my skin the extra brightness it needed after my summer glow had faded.”