Cristal® Fat Freezing Client Experience

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In March 2018, Ocean Cosmetics introduced their newest treatment to their Wembley Downs clinic – Cristal® Medical Cryolipolysis. Simply put, this is a fat freezing and fat reduction procedure. It uses applicator handles to target various areas of the body such as abdomen, love handles, arms, thighs, and applies increasingly cold temperatures to freeze the fat cell and change it to a state of destruction. Over the weeks following the treatment, the cells are naturally expelled through the body’s lymphatic system.

Dr Gina and Dr Jessica came across this French technology whilst at a medical conference in Indonesia. After talking to the manufacturers and learning more about the technology behind the treatment, they knew they had to be the first clinic in Australia to bring this to our shores.

The official Cristal® launch night included a live demonstration of the thigh treatment on 30-something year old, mum of one, Clare. With results taking up to 10 weeks to show post treatment, we checked in with her six weeks after her initial treatment to see how she found the process.

“I’ve always been a fit and healthy person but have found some areas on my body have weight that I just can’t shift – no matter how many gym classes I go to. So when I heard about Cristal® through a friend, I was really curious to try it out and see if it could work for me.

The treatment itself was slightly uncomfortable at first, but within a few minutes you get used to the cold temperatures and get settled in. I recommend bringing along a book or phone to help pass the time! The therapists were great. They actually had had the treatments themselves, so they were able to tell me exactly what was about to happen, what I was likely to experience and feel and they constantly checked in on me to make sure I was ok. They were very attentive!

During my consult prior to having the treatment, I was told that I may experience some bruising and tenderness for a few days following the procedure. While I felt a little tender in the evening of the treatment and a little the day after, it didn’t last long and I didn’t experience any bruising at all.

Since I’ve had the treatment I’ve definitely noticed the results! I had the treatment on the back of my thighs and I’m starting to see the increase definition in my hamstrings and beneath my glutes. No sweating required!

I was so impressed by the knowledge and professionalism at Ocean Cosmetic’s by the doctors and therapists, that I’ve already been back to try more of their treatments!”

More than one treatment may be required and results may vary from patient to patient. For best results, we recommend following a healthy diet and light exercise in the days pre and post treatment. Your therapist will provide more details during your consultation.

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Please note that the photos have been taken in different locations and lighting.